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Re: Member Bios - tell us about yourself

Posted: Wed Aug 29, 2018 10:50 pm
by Owenbräu
Welcome! That's how we all started too. Just ended going all in mitigating oxidation at every possible point in the process. The ROI is well worth it IMO.

Re: Member Bios - tell us about yourself

Posted: Wed Sep 19, 2018 9:35 pm
by BdoubleEdoubleR U N
Well lets see ... I'm a fairly new home brewer with about 9 or 10 batches under my belt.
Doing some field research, I found a certain flavor profile among some of the European brews, particularly among German brews that really got my attention. Thus, beginning a quest for a set of traits I'd like to incorporate into my own home brews.
And that brings me here, seeking that malty toasty honey like sweetness that really should be more prevalent in beer in general

Re: Member Bios - tell us about yourself

Posted: Sun Oct 07, 2018 6:54 pm
by Weizenberg
Get your English copy of ... nd_malting

Its the best thing I know besides or Narziss' works -- which are only useful if you are comfortable reading academic textbooks in German.

Re: Member Bios - tell us about yourself

Posted: Wed Mar 27, 2019 7:40 pm
by pcpogo
Good evening,

I have just joined the forum. I have only done a few all grain brews but having been on a few ski trips to Austria (Zell am See) I am keen to replicate the beer . I have no idea what style of beer was being served so if anyone in this great forum could point me in the right direction, it would be very much appreciated.


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Re: Member Bios - tell us about yourself

Posted: Thu Mar 28, 2019 7:34 am
by Amateur_Brau
Hi Folks

Been a member for a while but generally lurking and Reading. New Zealander but living in Bonn for coming up 5 years (aber meine arbeiten ist englischsprachig und mein deutsche is schlect!). Been homebrewing since 2011 so got the basics more or less down but looking to improve my beer and when researching ways to improve I discovered LODO brewing. My set up isn't where I would like it to be but annual bonus is round the corner so going to invest in an SS Brewtech Mashtun. Next year I hope to be able to bite the bullet and switch to a full Herms Setup finally (along with a DO meter so I really know what is going on...)

Cheers and Prost!

Re: Member Bios - tell us about yourself

Posted: Sun Apr 07, 2019 11:07 pm
by Natebriscoe
So after participating in these forums for years, I realized I never did sign in.
My name is Nathan. I am from Missouri smack dab center usa. I have been brewing for a decade + and brew everything except sours. My preference, German lagers are hard to beat. As for the last couple years, brewing has become very difficult with a couple kids that eat any free time. But i get an impromptu brew in every once and a while.

Re: Member Bios - tell us about yourself

Posted: Mon Jan 20, 2020 3:44 pm
by BGray
I started home brewing beer in 1997 with very limited knowledge and equipment with liquid malts and Cascade hops that I bought at a health food store. I made a few batches some ok and some not so good decided to give it up until about four years ago. With all the information out there today I've been able to make a lot better beer than before. I'm glad I found this site as I love German beer and making German beers that's the reason I started making beer to start with. I'm very interested in the LODO process if it will help with the ( IT )


Re: Member Bios - tell us about yourself

Posted: Sun Apr 05, 2020 3:57 pm
by Schlenkerla
Hello - Guess what's my favorite beer! -

I started brewing in January of 2006.

First beer was an extract pale ale. 2nd beer was a extract Rauchbier. Migrated to all grain about a year later.

I have predominantly brewed ales in the past. When I had a walk out basement while living in Des Moines Iowa, I brewed winter lagers. Now I'm brewing ales nearly all the time. I've been thinking of getting the Anvil Temp Controller System. Lack of space has been my limiting factor going that route.

Signed up for a Schlenkerla handle on Homebrewtalk in April 2006. Also held a Schlenkerla Twitter account for more than a decade until the The Schlenkerla asked for the account. Got to know Matthias a little bit.

Started making my own Rauchmalt in 2017. Made Rauchbier with beechwood, oak, hickory, maple, pecan, cherry, apple, alder, mesquite, pistachio shells, and peanut shells.

Started brewing low oxygen last January 2019.

In 2018 started migration away from plastic. I have Anvil 5 gallon fermentors. Stout MLTun and Stout HLT. I use a HERMs. Next upgrade is a Stout Boil Kettle & SS Counterflow Chiller.

2020 - Well, I'm here now.

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Re: Member Bios - tell us about yourself

Posted: Tue May 19, 2020 9:19 am
by Gus
Hi all,

I am Andrew "Gus" Addkison. I found the forum by way of the Facebook group. I was really glad to be invited there!

I've been brewing for about 9-10 years now. Brewed 2 extract kits and then made the jump to all grain. I've been a longtime brewer of Belgian and British style beers but in the last few years I've been brewing more and more German beers. My first lager was 2018 and now I love brewing them.

I've written a blog about Saison, Farmhouse, and sour brewing for a few years now at Although lately I haven't posted much. I've also posted a few YouTube videos under the same Farmhouse Obsession name. I plan on a name/brand change in the future to incorporate more styles.

I brew mostly on a 2.5-3 gallon induction/sous vide set up now days but I also have a 3 vessel HERMS set up for brewing 10 gallon batches when needed. Clean up and brew days are much easier on the small system! haha

I can't wait to read in the forums and learn more! Prost!

Re: Member Bios - tell us about yourself

Posted: Tue May 19, 2020 10:50 am
by §11
Hi all,

my name is Jan (and if you meet me, don't be surprised I'm male- Jan is a male name in some European countries) That's already the first fact, I'm German. Born and raised in Munich, about a half mile from the Oktoberfest and the Augustiner brewery. As a pure bavarian breed, I grew up with beer. Even more, since one grandmother used to own a pub and the other one used to sell beer in Regensburg.

About 21 years ago I have tried to do my first batch of home brew. An all extract Newcastle brown ale clone. Wasn't that good, but years later I have tried the original one and figures out that the extract kit wasn't that far off. Despite this first experience my interested in brewing was sparked. Based on my interest in beer in brewing I studied brewing science and beverage technologies in Weihenstephan and finished with a Dipl.- Ing. degree, comparable to a master degree. I have worked in different companies, serving the brewing and beverage industry with filling equipment around the globe. Since a couple of years I work for a global food and beverage company in different countries around the globe and for the second time in Ohio, USA.

Since about 12 years I use a Speidel Braumeister with 20l batch size (one of only two 110V systems ever built by Speidel). I brew more or less everything, but since good Weissbier is hard to get in the USA, I brew at least 5 batches of Weissbier a year. I also do 2-3 batches of Helles and at least one Maibock and one Oktoberfest Maerzen.

Two years ago I published a book about brewing, with a strong focus on home brewing. Unfortunately it is only available in German (if you know a publisher in the US, let me know)

I think that's it

Take care and cheers