Planning a Kolsch

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Planning a Kolsch

Postby Cavpilot2000 » Wed Apr 26, 2017 4:29 pm

So I want to do a Kolsch, but am curious if any of you have a good one that you make semi-regularly or would make again.
mainly I'm interested in hearing if the Low O2 process and resultant flavor changes make a little cara appropriate, where it normally isn't.
Are you still doing simple grists or blending for color?

I am considering something like 5% Wheat or Vienna (undecided) and 2% carahell with the rest Pils.
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Re: Planning a Kolsch

Postby caedus » Wed Apr 26, 2017 4:46 pm

95% Weyermann Pale Ale
5% Carahell

15 IBU Perle for Bittering @ FWH
10-15 IBU Tett, Mittlefruh, or Saaz @ 30

I have brewed variations of this recipe a few times with great success (caravienna subbed, 10% munich, 10% vienna, 20% of either, etc, etc) Schill Kolsch Malt, Vienna, and Pale ale malt are too dark for non-lodo brewing, but give the perfect color when under reduced oxygen mashing.

I start the ferment at 57-58 and keep it there for 4-5 days, then raise to 63 for D-rest.

Great pear esters come through, and after a month of lagering it is one of the greatest things in life to drink. Kolsch really is my favorite style.
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Re: Planning a Kolsch

Postby Techbrau » Wed Apr 26, 2017 10:31 pm

I've done them at 10% vienna + 2-3% carahell. Next one I make will probably be 15% vienna + 5% carahell (the rest is just Best pilsner). Wheat has very little flavor compared to barley so I generally prefer not to use it. I don't think it helps much at all with foam especially at 5%, not that you should need the help anyway with a good mash.

I think 22-25 IBU is about right, with 15-16 of that coming from a 60 min addition, 5-6 coming from a 30 minute addition, and an optional 1-2 coming from a 15 minute addition.
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Re: Planning a Kolsch

Postby Cavpilot2000 » Thu Apr 27, 2017 10:39 am

Thanks guys. As challenging as a good Pils or Helles can be, I feel like Kolsch really is one of the toughest styles to nail, being so delicate.
For that reason I've never attempted one. Now with Low O2 brewing having helped me get my Pils game where I want it, it's time to try the Kolsch.

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