Brewing my first LODO batch

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Brewing my first LODO batch

Postby Toorqs » Sun May 28, 2017 6:13 am

Hello beer people.

I have been reading up everything i could find on LODO as this intrigues me. I have made maybe 40 batches of beer until now, and currently are using a 94QT cooler with a mash bag with a 120 litre kettle. I have a HERMS setup, but usually just dough in and let it rest for about 90mins at 1 temperature ( i loose about 1-2 deg over 90 mins). I usually batch sparge. Cooling is through a plate chiller.

I will make the fist LODO trial with a simple Helles receipe to keep the brewday as easy as possible first time around (was originally planning a complex NEIPA, but this will be trial #2). I will list the steps i plan to take, and hopefully get some feedback before i start brewing.

1. Boil the strike water, then let it cool (unsure if i should run it through the chiller or let it rest over night covered with something)
2. Add antioxidants (is it best to do this in the HLT when temperature is at strike temp?)
3. Type of antioxidants. I have read up on this SMB stuff, and cant find a place to source it. I also read the Ascorbic Acid and Pottassium disulfate will work. I have access to both.
What doasage would you reccomend for both?
4. I read you should wet the grain before milling, but im unsure if my 2 roller will cope with this. Nevertheless, i will mill grain and add to the mash bag, then transfer strike water thought the bottom valve. I plan to make a cover for the mash out of plastic foil that will go on after a gentle stir. Purge headspace with Co2 maybe?
5. I batch sparge with around 40 litres, filling from the bottom, adding antioxidants to the water (about half of the first amount?)
6. Bring to a boil using 2+3KW elements, then turn off 3KW after boil to keep it at a simmer.
7. adding 50% hops as FWH
8. Boil for 75mins
9. Cool, then transfer to speidel 120L fementer, adding a large starter of yeast.
10. This point im unsure about. I understand you add O2 like normal even with the LODO method, but would'nt it be better to wait a few hours for the yeast to start its work, then dose it with O2?

This sound like a decent plan?
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Re: Brewing my first LODO batch

Postby Toorqs » Wed May 31, 2017 5:35 pm

Just had an idea.
If Vitamin C (AA) removes the DO. Would adding a high Vitamin C "item" to the mash help?
The other day i was looking at the spruce shots in the forest and thought id make a beer with those soon, like the Vikings of old. Just read those were packed with Vitamin C.. so adding, say a pound or two to the mash could then make the 1-2 grams of <insert powder> not needed? or just give a bigger buffer against DO?

Also ordered a 50ft 11mm stainless chiller.

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