My new process - feedback welcome

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My new process - feedback welcome

Postby nolasven » Wed Jun 28, 2017 3:23 pm

After 10 or so LoDO batches under my belt, I'm ready to add a few steps to my process. These include acidifying with sauergut, bottling with krausen, pressure canning starter wort, and overbuilding starters. Putting it all together, below is an outline of my proposed new process. I welcome any and all feedback or suggestions for improvement. Thanks!

1. 2 days before brew day
    a. Make yeast starter (250-300 billion cells in 4L)
    b. Make sauergut (1L)
2. Day before brew day
    a. Turn off stir plate
    b. Pour off 1.5L of starter (340 billion cells)
      i. Cold crash, decant, store in fridge for next time
    c. Collect 10+ gallons of RO water
3. Brew day
    a. Pre-boil 10 gallons water
    b. Weigh out grain
    c. Chill water to mash in temp
    d. Add SMB, BTB, CaCl
    e. Mill grain
    f. Purge/bleed mash tun and plumbing with beer gas
    g. Dough-in (underlet)
    h. Mash
    i. Transfer 8 gallons to BK
    j. Collect 5+L unhopped, 10 plato wort for next batch starter and sauergut
      i. Boil 20 minutes
      ii. Pressure can
    k. Boil
    l. Chill
    m. Decant starter
    n. Add yeast to fermenter
    o. Add 6 gallons wort to fermenter
    p. Oxygenate
    q. Collect 1L hopped wort for krausening
      i. Pressure can
    r. Add yeast starter dregs and available wort to jar for FFT
    s. Finish clean up
4. Fermentation and Packaging
    a. Pitch at 43 degrees
    b. Ramp up to 46 degrees over 3 days
    c. Hold at 46 for 2 days
    d. Ramp down 2 degrees F per day
    e. When 1 plato above FG,
      i. Transfer 5 gallons to purged keg and attach spunding valve
    f. When near or at FG
      i. Add small amount of yeast to 1L of hopped wort
      ii. Wait for krausen (12 hours?)
      iii. Take SG of krausen and calculate amount to use
      iv. Add Krausen to fermenter
      v. Bottle

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Re: My new process - feedback welcome

Postby Techbrau » Wed Jun 28, 2017 10:09 pm

A few things off the top of my head:

You'll need more sauergut than that. At 0.8% acidity, you need 60 ml per kg of malt in your grist for every 0.1 pH you want to drop. For 5 kg of malt, to drop the pH by 0.4 you'd need 60 * 5 * 4 = 1200 ml. That's not counting for your end of boil addition either, if you want to do one of those (which you should). In the boil it takes half as much sauergut to drop by pH 0.1 (i.e. 30 ml per kg of malt in your grain bill)

My experience is that lodo wort doesn't stay "fresh tasting" when stored for very long, and sauergut stays "fresh tasting" for maybe 2-3 weeks in the fridge. I've found, however, that sauergut stays quite fresh when frozen. So I've been making my sauergut right after a brew, and after 24 hours I chill it and freeze it.

Sauergut is best made with unboiled wort. Just do a mashout at 170 F, draw off your wort, cool it to 118 F, then sour it. The wort you reserve for making yeast starters, however, should be boiled enough to achieve a good hot break because if the break materials aren't precipitated they can inhibit nutrient uptake by the yeast.
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Re: My new process - feedback welcome

Postby nolasven » Thu Jun 29, 2017 10:57 am

Thank you for the reply. I will change the approach to include more sauergut and will use it in the boil.

And just to confirm, I can a noticeable difference in the flavor of the beer when using sauergut made with fresh, unboiled wort and then frozen vs. using sauergut made a day or two before brew day with wort that was pressure canned? In my mind, the sauergut is replacing plain water, so I hadn't much considered the importance of the subtleties of its flavor. Surely, the lacto flavor contributions will come through either way, right?

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