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Fermentation chamber

Postby Cobrac » Thu May 24, 2018 5:54 pm

A long story short: I wanted a auto-degassing vessel with the possibilty to change the enviroment for the beer fermentation. By doing so I believe that different flavor profiling is possible with same strain. In this first phase (will develop it further) I applied temperature, stirring and atmospheric pressure controlling.

I have a glass carboy which I placed in a insulated chamber. This chamber has thermoelectric elements and a electric motor in the bottom. In my rubber bung I have three holes.

1st hole contains a stainless steel pipe which is submerged into my wort, and inside the pipe I have a temperature sensor to whom I connected the thermoelectric elements. The mesurements is by that, taken in the middle of the wort and not on the wall outside the fermentor. The elements will adjust temp within 0.1 degrees.

2nd hole has a hose with a valve to it, by connect a syringe I can add nutrients (or other spices or solutions) and take samples without opeining the vessel.

3rd hole is where I connect my vacuum ejector (compressed air driven vacuum generator). By using vacuum I will be able to degass and by use other enviromental pressure I think that I just might manipulate the way the yeast works. Not bio-chemically but my fluid dynamics changes since there are no/very little pressure. I have no evidence that this will improve my final result, but with high OG beverages it seems like degassing will help out to get faster attenuation without stalled fermentation.

The motor in the bottom of my chamber has neodymium magnets attached to it and inside the fermentor I placed a magnetic stir bar. This motor is controlled by intervall relay and a dimmer to control the speed. I stirr for about 5 min and then it stops for 5 min and then it starts for 5 min, and so it keeps on going 24/7

Why all the effort? By doing this equipment I get constant degassing (if that is a good thing?) through vacuum and stirring. I also get a very homogenous temp due the stirring. Yeast is always in suspension, the healthy yeast won’t get trapped in the bottom by other adjuncts or inactive yeast. I can also add nutrients and take samples, all these steps can be made without opening the vessel and no need to use airlock. Some pictures:
//uploads.tapatalk-cdn.com/201801 ... fe859e.jpg
//uploads.tapatalk-cdn.com/201801 ... b63ce3.jpg

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