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Re: RE: Re: Speise conditioning vs spunding

Postby Natebriscoe » Mon Aug 15, 2016 9:01 pm

rcj1972 wrote:Hi Nate -

I'm new to LoDo brewing, but share your concerns about removing the beer from the yeast cake too soon. I've got two batches on tap now (helles and pils), and I did what you are proposing. Simply put, I added 5oz corn sugar (dry) to the keg, purged with CO2, and then transferred from primary using CO2 to push. I keg-conditioned the beer at garage temp (~80F) x 1 week and then put on tap. Turned out fantastic - at least for the three weeks its been on tap.

I say go for it.


I have a keg primed pilsner that's 3 months old and still holding on really well. That said I feel spunding is still the best option. But I would feel better if there were a homebrew size uni tank to drop the yeast at my preferred timing.

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