Leipzig Bayerischer Bahnhof - Leipziger Gose

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Leipzig Bayerischer Bahnhof - Leipziger Gose

Postby Brandon » Tue May 10, 2016 10:38 pm

Bayerischer Bahnhof - Leipzig, Germany
http://www.bayerischer-bahnhof.de/en/st ... index.html

US Availability: Gose Yes (but be cautious, bottled is often old and not representative of style) - see below. I have heard of folks getting it on tap. That's worth a try.

Our Brewery in the Bayerischer Bahnhof

Matthias Richter is our master brewer since 2003 and he creates year after year great seasonal beers: Maibock, smoke beer, porter beer. For special occasions even fire fighter beer and miner’s beer. He also produces many kinds of beer exclusively for the US market. We have a yearly production of about 2000 hl, thereof 90 percent will be consumed by our guests on the premises.

All kinds of beer available at Gasthaus & Gosebrauerei Bayerischer Bahnhof will be served unfiltered, that means there is a little yeast left from the brewing process. In our brewery we use special malts from the company Weyermann and hops from the Elbe-Saale area.

This original Leipzig beer specialty lends us the name for our brewery. Gose is a regional beer specialty that was brought to Saxony-Anhalt in the year 1738. Originally Gose comes from Goslar, a small town in Lower Saxony, and the river “Gose” in this town. This beer specialty has a refreshing, slightly sour taste and is ideal for quenching your thirst. Gose is brewed with the additional ingredients lactic acid, cilantro, and salt. Gose is a top-fermented beer with 4,5 Vol. % alcohol and 10,8 % wort. You can enjoy it in different variations.
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Additional Information
Just wanted to cross-reference an article about Leipziger Gose from Bayerischer Bahnhof for folks who might be interested.

See here: http://www.germanbrewing.net/2015/10/15 ... k-best-of/

Note on Gose: Here is a comparison of Gose served from bottle in the U.S. versus fresh at the brewery.

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Re: Leipzig Bayerischer Bahnhof - Leipziger Gose

Postby Owenbräu » Sat Sep 03, 2016 8:03 am

Mmmmm....gose :tu
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