China Germany Partnership Opportunity

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China Germany Partnership Opportunity

Postby liangliang.qi » Sun Jun 25, 2017 7:51 am

Dear Member:

My name is Liangliang Qi. I am the representative of Zijing Brewery Co., Ltd, China. I am sending this message to provide an exclusive opportunity for the cooperation between Chinese and German business. I will be deeply appreciated if you could take a few minutes to read the content below.
Zijing Brewery, also known as Anhui Zijing Brewery Co., Ltd., is a large brewery in the southern Chinese city of Anhui province. Zijing Brewery established in 2005 is located in the Jinqiao economic development zone of Tongling city. Zijing beer officially launched in 2007, is the leading brand of Zijing Brewery Co., Ltd. Moreover, Zijing Brewery also acts as a agent to produce and sell many other brands, such as Brander Urstoff, Buzzbrew and Mater Gao.
Trough years of accumulation and development, Zijing Brewery Co., Ltd has always been linked to product quality-oriented, focus on technology and equipment at the same time synchronization updates. Nowadays, it has particular popularity enterprise fame in the same filed.
As a local brewery in China, we adopt many measures to introduce in, make and improve different beer brands. We believe that you are professional in this field, and please give me some advise or contact. really appreciated that.

Best regards

Liangliang Qi

UK mobile: 0044 79 3188 1388

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