Best way to use dry lager yeast

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Best way to use dry lager yeast

Postby spura » Sun Apr 02, 2017 2:17 am

Good morning,

At first, sorry for my English...
I am having splited thoughts about how to add dry lager yeast to cooled ( or maybe not) wort.
I have digged Fermentis, Danstar and Erbsloh sites + read this forum + spoke with some "advanced" brewers and so on, but still not sure what would be the best way to introduce dry yeast to wort.
Would love to hear your opinions, as I really after German beer brewing way

What we know= all dry yeast manufacturers advise rehydrate dry lager yeast 1:10 to water at +- 20-25C, for let say 30-60 minutes before to add to wort.
But what none of the manufacturers says at what temp? If we, for example follow that we want to cool wort till 8C and rise to 10C for fermenting ( just for example)
Information shows that if temp. difference will be greater than 10C between yeast and wort, we will have some problems, but we do not want that of course...
1. We cool wort till 20C and add yeast, then slowly lower temp till 8C
2. We cool wort till 8C and add 20C yeast suspension and do not care
3. We cool wort till 8C and add 8C yeast suspension, what has been cooled ( how long ?) to the same 8C temp
4. ???

Thanks in advance.
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Re: Best way to use dry lager yeast

Postby Weizenberg » Sun Apr 02, 2017 4:54 am

Hello ;)

The last time I used dry yeast was in 2010. It's a very good question though. Did you try and ask the manufacturer? After all it's their product and they should be able to support you.

Please, do let us know what they say. Best.
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