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System Ideas

Postby Brody » Thu Feb 23, 2017 4:30 pm

I think I'm getting closer to a new system and have a couple of options in my head.

1) Work on a setup similar to Techbrau's. This would be a two kettle system. Kettle #1 would serve as the HLT/BK and could be filled with my current 10 gallon Blichman Boilermaker. For Kettle #2 (the Mash Tun) I was thinking about picking up one of the custom ones from Spike. It would have a ball valve outlet underneath a false bottom, a thermometer, and a return hole somewhere near the top.

There are a few things I need to sort.
1) What pump should I buy?
2) Is their any real considerations with tubing or is that as easy as a trip to the LHBS?
3) What should I have coming into the return valve? I've seen some of you guys using the loc line spirally things?

As far as heating. At the moment I have a gas fired range that's big enough to accommodate the 2 kettles but it would be tight. And when I move I may not be as lucky. Are their reasonable solutions involving induction plates like you see on cooking shows and some sort of automation for that size? Or is 10 gallon kettle/5 gallon batches pushing it for that.

2) A single vessel recirculating, automated, BIAB system. Pros are all the practicalities involving limited space, clean up, and ease. Con, of course, is I wouldn't be able to underlet and still have a less than ideal dough in and lauter.

A wild card idea would be going with a 3 gallon batch system for space and drauflassen.

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